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Biking routes near Løgstør Camping

Fancy an active bike vacation?

We warmly recommend Vesthimmerland's local and scenic bikeroutes.
As a bonus the routes run past many of the area's cultural and historic attractions.

The Ertebølle Route

Try a wonderful bikeride through Vesthimmerland's beautiful nature and experiance the coastal landscape of the Limfjord.

The Ertebøller route is a 45-kilometer cycle route that extends along the western coast of Himmerland, from Hvalpsund, through Løgstør and ends in Aggersund. The Ertebøller route offers a good opportunity to both get wind in the hair and at the same time enjoy the beautiful scenery and the Limfjord's unique coastal terrain. In addition, the route paves the way or comes close to several of North Jutland's major historical attractions such as. Vitskøl monastery, and the Viking castle Aggersborg.


Stenaldercenteret Ertebølle




The Himmerland Trail

The Himmerland trail is a 69 kilometers long bikeroute, built on the old, dismantled railway between Viborg and Løgstør. In addition to being a biking route the Himmerland trail is also a walking and nature trail. It is also a favorite for horseriders even though riding is only permitted in the discount.

The trail runs through a scenic and varying landscape with moorland, hilly moraine, great medows and valleys are all represented. As a natural part of the trail for the old railway, the Himmerland trail is very secure in terms of trafic and does not have any big increases or descents.